Marv Kay

Member | Colorado Sports Hall of Fame

Legendary coach, administrator & advocate | Colorado School of Mines

mayor | City of Golden, 1988-1996

Past President | Golden Chamber of Commerce & Golden Civic Foundation

Founder | Leadership Golden

It is with a great deal of pride and pleasure that I am endorsing Steve Jensen for Jefferson County District Attorney. I have had the pleasure of knowing Steve for a number of years and feel confident in his ability to do an excellent job in the position. I have served with Steve on community volunteer committees and observed first-hand his ability and desire to work within the community. I’m confident that Steve Jensen is the right person to lead the Jefferson County legal team.


Bob Beauprez

Former Congressman | 7th, Congressional District

Former Chairman | Colorado Republican Party

Two time GOP candidate for Colorado Governor

I enthusiastically endorse Steve Jensen for District Attorney in the First Judicial District. Steve has pursued a distinguished career of service to the people of the state of Colorado as a prosecutor. He has a remarkable record of public service, accomplishment and leadership in pursuing justice for the citizens of Jefferson and Gilpin Counties for more than 31 years. He will make an outstanding District Attorney.

I first became acquainted with Steve in 2000 when he was enrolled in the Republican Leadership Program. I was Colorado Republican Party Chair at that time and was actively involved in assisting with the presentation of the program. From the beginning, Steve’s participation stood out. His classmates elected Steve as class President. He assisted directly in helping with the presentation of the monthly courses. After his graduation from the program, he assisted for a number of years in conducting interviews of applicants for admission in the RLP and its successor LPR.

Steve has demonstrated that he is a fierce campaigner. In 2002, the Colorado Republican Party was locked in a battle to retake the Colorado State Senate. When the GOP candidate in Senate District 20 dropped out of the race shortly before the Jefferson County GOP assembly, I asked Steve if he would run for the seat. Although this was a challenging district that had been won by Ed Perlmutter by 7 percentage points, Steve agreed to step up. He ran a fantastic campaign. Against a Democratic candidate, Moe Keller, who had won seven elections in the District, he lost the closest Senate race in the state-by just 187 votes, or only 0.2%. I was running side by side with Steve for Congress in the newly Created 7th Congressional District, and won by just 121 votes. Steve’s District was entirely within the 7th Congressional District, and it is likely that his superb performance helped push me over the line in winning the seat. In the current political climate, we need candidates like Steve who have demonstrated the ability to run strong in tough races.

Steve has continued to demonstrate a steadfast commitment to the success of our Republican cause. He was my Jefferson County Campaign Chair in 2006 when I was the GOP candidate for Governor. He has served the Jefferson County Republican party in numerous positions, such as Treasurer, Area Coordinator, Captain, and Committee Person. In 2014 when I was again the GOP candidate for Governor, Steve assisted by advising my campaign on criminal justice issues.

Please join with me in supporting Steve Jensen for District Attorney. He has demonstrated leadership, commitment, and possesses tremendous experience. He is the ideal Republican candidate for District Attorney in the First Judicial District. He will be the best choice for the voters come election day.


E.V. Leyendecker

Former Chairman | Jefferson County Republican Party


Distinguished Alumni | University of Texas, Department of Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering

It is my privilege to endorse Steve Jensen as District Attorney for Jefferson and Gilpin Counties. There are many reasons that Steve is an outstanding candidate for this position but three come to the forefront for me - his work in the District Attorney’s Office, his service to the community, and his service to the Republican Party.

First, Steve brings a wealth of experience to the District Attorney’s office. He has served over thirty years as a prosecutor and fifteen years as Chief Deputy District Attorney. During this time his list of cases, as a principal or a team member, has demonstrated a wide range of experience and integrity. I encourage you to spend a short time on his web site to review some of the notable cases to which he contributed success. He has also held almost every managerial job in the DA’s office, giving him the management experience necessary for the position of District Attorney. 

Secondly, his efforts do not stop with his job in the DA’s office. He is a long-time member and volunteer for church activities at Calvary Episcopal Church. Outside of his church he has worked with many service organizations both as a member or leader. Some examples include past Chairman of Colorado’s Tony Grampsas Youth Service Board, long-time active member of the Rotary Club of Golden and work with the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts.

Finally, Steve has been active for many years with the Jefferson County Republican Party (Jeffco GOP). He has been a candidate for the Colorado State Senate in 2002 and was Chair of Bob Beauprez for Governor in 2006. Since then he has worked in positions at the grass roots level such as a District Captain and Area Coordinator working for other candidates. When I announced the need for a new Treasurer for the Jeffco GOP in 2015, Steve volunteered immediately as a candidate and was appointed to this position which he held until 2019.

Simply put, Steve has shown that he is qualified to be an excellent DA with integrity, competence, and experience. Through his volunteer efforts with service organizations and with the Jeffco GOP he has shown that he cares about helping others. I ask you to join me in supporting Steve Jensen for District Attorney of Jefferson and Gilpin Counties.


Ramey Johnson

City Council Member | Lakewood, CO

former State Representative | CO

It is with pleasure and honor that I am endorsing and supporting Steve Jensen for District Attorney of the First Judicial District. I have known Steve for many years and know firsthand of his integrity, grit, honesty and willingness to fight for what is just and right regardless of the arena. For many years Steve has been a respected prosecutor in this county and will bring a lifelong wealth of knowledge and experience to this position. He intimately understands the office and needs of the county and what it takes to achieve the value of justice for all. Steve does not back down from doing what is right no matter how hard it may be.   

Additionally, Steve has been extraordinarily active in our community. He has served on numerous criminal justice related committees, such as the Jefferson County Child Protection Team and Safe and Drug Free Schools Advisory Committee. He is Past Chairman of the Colorado Tony Grampsas Youth Service Board which has oversight of millions of dollars in grant money targeting youth crime and substance abuse prevention programs. Steve is an active member of the Rotary Club. Steve’s commitment to the betterment of our community has not just emerged in pursuit of public office but rather has been demonstrated over many years. I truly admire and respect Steve on every level.

Please join me in supporting Steve Jensen for District Attorney of the First Judicial District. I am confident that he is an excellent choice.

Paul Haseman

City Council Member | Golden, CO

It’s my great pleasure and pride to endorse Steve Jensen for District Attorney of Jefferson and Gilpin Counties. When you hear Steve talk about his job and the DA’s Office, you can tell that he is absolutely committed to pursuing Justice. In that pursuit, he has served more than 30 years with the DA’s office.

I have known Steve for several years. With me as a West Point graduate, Vietnam vet and a retired JAG officer, I have had some opportunity to assess leadership skills. Without doubt, Steve possesses the right combination of leadership, experience and interpersonal skills to lead the District Attorney’s Office. His experience includes serving as a Chief Deputy District Attorney with supervisory responsibilities for many years. Supervising attorneys is not an easy task and Steve’s experience in doing so will be extremely beneficial in assuming the leadership role over some 75 attorneys. Additionally, Steve has the type of personality and demeanor that will allow him to manage his staff with caring and confidence.

One of the most impressive characteristics about Steve Jensen is his commitment to our Golden community and the needs of the less fortunate. Steve and I are both members of the Rotary Club of Golden. Steve has been a member of Golden Rotary for eighteen years, and he has previously served as Club President, as well as Youth Services Chair and Program Chair. He has been extraordinarily active in such programs as the holiday food box program, the Christmas toy drive, the Golden High School Interact Club and in selecting and distributing scholarships to students from Golden High School and Warren Tech. He is a member of the Golden Community Commons Board of Directors, which has overseen the redevelopment and preservation of the historic Armory Building in Golden. He attends Calvary Episcopal Church in Golden, and through his church he regularly serves the homeless.  

Leadership should be about service, and Steve has demonstrated that he is fit to lead by his devotion to our community, his commitment to justice and his compassion in service to others. I endorse Steve Jensen for District Attorney, and I urge you to do the same.

David A. Benke


Steve Jensen has been a fierce warrior for the faculty and children of Deer Creek Middle School and I was honored to do anything I could do to help him. I was delighted to learn his plan to run for District Attorney and flattered that he asked me to write a letter of support. 

When I think of Steve’s vigorous defense of my kids for the last nine years, I think of his compassion toward them and uncompromising defense of their safety in the face of continued attempts by the attempted murderer to obtain release. I also know that his defense of our children is not unusual and not limited to high profile events. Indeed it is his norm.

Some might conclude that, because I am a teacher, I would vote for a particular party. This isn’t about party. It is about who has our back. Not just mine, but my personal children and my school kids. I know Steve will defend us with honor and integrity. I know he will because he has.

John Graham

Former Coroner | Jefferson County

It has been my good fortune to know and work with Steve Jensen for the past 30 years. First in my work with the Arvada Police Department and, more recently, during my two terms as Jefferson County Coroner.

Steve Jensen possesses the integrity, experience and steady hand necessary to lead our District Attorney's Office. He will attract top notch attorneys and investigators to the office. Steve has developed strong professional working relationships with his colleagues in the law enforcement community and with the Coroner's offices in Jefferson and Gilpin counties. This is all part of his comprehensive approach to keep our community safe.

Steve knows Jefferson and Gilpin counties and what the people expect of their District Attorney's Office: the very best. Steve will deliver.

Join me in supporting Steve Jensen for District Attorney of the 1st Judicial District, Colorado.

Pete Roybal

Lakewood City Council | ward 3

I am pleased to endorse Steve Jensen for District Attorney in the First Judicial District. Steve is a consummate professional. He has vigorously and effectively represented the citizens of Jefferson County as a Deputy District Attorney and Chief Deputy District Attorney for more than thirty years.  

With respect to my City of Lakewood, Steve has handled many of our most serious cases. For instance, when the prominent 82-year old paleontologist and WWII veteran, Charles Repenning, was brutally murdered and robbed in his home in Lakewood, it was Steve who tirelessly prosecuted all of the individuals involved, convicting three of them of First Degree Murder. It was also Steve who tried the habitual criminal Linwood Halliburton for burglarizing Lakewood United Methodist Church and First Presbyterian Church of Lakewood, and attacking and sexually assaulting the choir director, resulting in a sentence of 228 years in prison. It was Steve who prosecuted Enrique Arellano, who on May 25, 2018, ran over a Lakewood K9 officer, causing him serious injury, resulting in a sentence of 28 years in prison for Arellano. And it was Steve who prosecuted Earnest Maynes for Arson and Cruelty to Animals, who on April 28, 2018, set a series of fires that destroyed property in the 5400 block of West 3rd Avenue, killing seven horses and a dog, resulting in a 25-year prison sentence. It would be very hard to point to another prosecutor who has demonstrated such a long and concerted commitment to the safety of our Lakewood community.  

Steve has also been actively involved in our community. He is a long-time member of the Rotary Club of Golden and has served as Chairman of the Tony Grampsas Youth Service Board, and has been on many other boards and committees as well. He has regularly attended and participated in Ward 3 meetings, providing valuable input. He has assisted with the food bank in Lakewood. It is clear that Steve genuinely cares about our community. He has an attitude of openness and approachability that is refreshing in someone running for public office.

Please join with me in supporting Steve Jensen for District Attorney. He has demonstrated over and over again that he will live up to his campaign promise of “protecting our community through the pursuit of justice.”