Steve Jensen is not opposed to immigration.  

In fact, his father was an immigrant to the United States from Denmark after WWII, having grown up under German occupation. In 1951, at the age of 21, he lawfully obtained a visa and came to the US and eventually became a naturalized citizen. Immigration has enriched our nation and strengthened our culture. However, with the privilege of living in a country as a guest or a citizen comes the responsibility to follow the law.   

Undocumented aliens and resident aliens should be treated the same way as all other citizens—no harsher and no more lenient. They should not receive special plea dispositions to avoid the immigration consequences of their unlawful conduct. Manipulating a plea disposition so as to allow undocumented residents to avoid immigration consequences is to treat them more favorably than US residents. Although District Attorneys do not enforce Federal law, we have a responsibility to respect the laws of the United States. We should not work to actively undermine the enforcement of the law by the Federal Government.

When it comes to sentencing, undocumented aliens should be sentenced appropriately for offenses committed. They should not be allowed to avoid sentencing consequences based on an agreement to be deported. Because of the porous nature of the southern border, deportation is no guarantee that an undocumented alien will not again re-enter the United States illegally. Prosecutors routinely encounter cases against criminal undocumented aliens who have re-entered the US illegally and recommitted crimes. Steve Jensen has personally prosecuted one child abuse homicide case involving an undocumented alien who was deported following a felony conviction in another county, with receipt of a lenient sentence on condition that he submit to deportation, who returned to the US illegally and killed a child. District Attorneys should not be complicit in the commission of such tragedies by agreeing to lenient dispositions based on immigration status.

District Attorneys should cooperate with other agencies involved in the investigation of crime, regardless of immigration status. District Attorneys should work to uphold the rule of law, not attempt to thwart it based on political ideology.