Presentations & Publications

Over the years, Steve Jensen has given numerous legal related lectures, speeches or presentations.


Audiences have included attorneys, law enforcement officers, students, and the public, including many presentations at the CDAC annual conferences. From 2008 – 2015 he was on the CDAC Training Committee and helped plan, organize and provide training to District Attorneys throughout the state of Colorado. He regularly provides Continuing Legal Education training to Deputy DA’s within the District Attorney’s Office. Those presentations include the following:

  • Anatomy of a Criminal Case

  • Annual Case Law Update

  • Annual Legislative Update

  • Character Evidence

  • Chaplaincy Training Program (Privilege and mandatory reporting)

  • Case filing standards

  • Child Pornography and Internet Luring

  • Competency

  • Closing Argument

  • Colorado’s Laws Relating to Firearms and Weapons

  • Crawford v. Washington and the Confrontation Clause

  • Crimes Against Children Prosecution

  • Drug Laws

  • Expert Witness Testimony

  • How to Preserve a record

  • Interrogation

  • Methamphetamine Usage

  • Mandatory Recording of Forensic Interviews-Description of Colorado’s New Requirements (Presentations at the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law Conference in Portland, Oregon)

  • On call DA Responsibilities

  • Personal Responsibility and the Rule of Law

  • Preliminary Hearings

  • Plea Bargaining

  • Plea Bargaining: What Works and What Doesn’t (Presentation with Judge Christopher Zenisek)

  • Prosecutorial Ethics

  • Re-Birthing and the Death of Innocence (the rebirthing suffocation case)

  • Safety in faith: the law relating to use of force in religious worship

  • Sentencing (Presentation with Judge Stephen Munsinger)

  • School shootings

  • The Columbine Massacre Gun Cases

  • The Deer Creek Middle School Shooting Case (Presentations at the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law Conference in Montreal and Tulane Medical School conference in New Orleans)

  • The Ethics of Closing Argument

  • The Ethics of Discovery

  • The Ethics of Plea Negotiations

  • The Role of the Prosecutor and Defense Attorney

  • Voluntariness of Suspect Statements

  • Witness Impeachment

Steve was previously asked by the Colorado Judicial Department to participate in a series of training seminars for judges and staff on Dealing with Attacks on the Judiciary by Pro Se Litigants. These requests arose out of his involvement in prosecuting cases involving fraudulent liens being filed against judges and other public officials by members of anti-government groups.

He was also a contributing author to the CDAC DUI Prosecution Manual and a contributing author to the Jefferson County Child Abuse Manual.