Safe Schools

Steve Jensen believes that every student has a fundamental right to a safe learning environment, and every responsible community has an obligation to provide it.  

Parents entrust their children to our schools, and we have an obligation to honor that trust by making all reasonable efforts to keep them safe. Children are our most valuable resource and amongst our most vulnerable citizens. We have an obligation to assure a safe learning environment to maximize their opportunities to achieve their full potential and to become successful and productive citizens. Law enforcement and the District Attorney’s Office must collaborate closely with the schools to assure information sharing and quality risk assessment. Those who perpetrate crimes against schools or school children, or who threaten harm to them, must be held maximally accountable for their conduct.

Steve Jensen has a long record of working to protect our schools. He has handled all cases related to school shootings that have occurred in Jefferson County in the 31 years that he has been a prosecutor for the First Judicial District. He prosecuted the cases against the individuals who illegally provided the killers of the Columbine massacre a tech-9 hand gun and ammunition, as well as trained with them using the illegal sawed-off shotguns used in the massacre, sending both of them to prison. He prosecuted the Pomona High School bomb threat case that resulted in the closure of the high school 8 days after the Columbine massacre, resulting in a conviction and lengthy jail sentence. He prosecuted the Deer Creek Middle School shooting case in which two students were shot, resulting in a conviction and commitment to the Mental Health Institute at Pueblo, and he has worked tirelessly to keep the shooter from being released back into the community. He successfully prosecuted arson cases involving fires set to Lakewood High School and Bear Creek High School. He successfully prosecuted the case involving the tennis coach of Dakota Ridge High School who had inappropriate sexual relations with high school tennis players and committed a pattern of sexual assault on a child against one of those tennis players. In fact, no other Jefferson County prosecutor has such a distinguished record of fighting for justice and accountability for those who have threatened the safety of our schools or school children. 

Steve Jensen has been heavily involved in speaking about school shootings and issues related to school safety. He speaks regularly to community groups on this subject. He has spoken both nationally and internationally at professional conferences about school shootings. He is a strong advocate for public awareness and constant vigilance when it comes to school safety.

As District Attorney, Steve will actively work to assure that the District Attorney’s Office is involved in our schools. Steve will see that the Office’s Deputy District Attorneys work proactively with the schools to assist in providing programing with respect to Constitution Day, Law Day, and substance use prevention, as well as mentorship activities. There are many ways that the DA’s office can be a resource to enhance the quality of our education and assist the schools in meeting their goals of producing responsible citizens.